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  1. You can create an identity for your website, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. In your articles you can include your name, business name, your credentials, your website address and e-mail address.
  2. By writing the articles you will turn into a master of what you write. This will help you to give yourself and your business extra credits and makes you tough to face competitions. You can also prove yourself to be an expert by covering your writings on a particular topic or area of interest.
  3. If publishers find your article attractive and the articles succeed in capturing the publisher’s mind, then he may publish them on his home page. This will expose you to more and more of people and gives you chance to become popular.
  4. If the e-zine publisher archives his e-zine on their site, you will be benefited by getting more famous. People will read the previous issues first and then think of subscribing. The writings that the readers read must be attractive enough for them to subscribe.
  5. By spending your profits on other forms of advertising, you will get free advertising. This is the best and free source of advertising yourself and about your website. Buy advertises in other e-zines that don’t publish your articles.
  6. If you are really talented in writing and your writing leaves impression on others then people may be interested to hire you to write other articles, books or even may ask you to republish your written stuff. This may add to your income as you will be paid for it. It is the best way to multiply your income.
  7. Give permission to the publishers to publish your articles in their free e-books. People who read the e-books will help you to multiply your advertisement on Internet. By this you will be more benefited from the above mentioned points. It will make your path easy to achieve your goals.
  8. By submitting your writings to the publishers who have Free Content directory on their website, your article will be published all over the web. Visitors get an opportunity to republish your articles. Thus your articles may go very far.
  9. Write articles in such a way that after reading the people may gain trust and confidence on you. Then they won’t hesitate to buy your products and services. A good written article thus will help you to increase your profits.
  10. There is a chance to create a WIN WIN situation. You can exchange articles. If you publish some article to a publisher in his e-zine in return you also publish some of his articles in your e-zine. Thus both of you will be benefited.

In this way ARTICLE is a great weapon and an easiest way to make your way to success your business and achieve unbelievable dreams come into reality.

So I would prefer you to recommend everyone to concentrate on writing articles and submitting them as many of them as one can.